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₪899.00 מחיר רגיל
₪699.00מחיר מבצע

  אינדובורד במימדים של גלשן , מושלם לביצוע תעלולים ולסקייטרים , אימון גלישת לונגבורד בבית

  • The Indo Board Pro model features a longer 42" x 15" wood deck and a larger 8-1/2” diameter Pro roller.   The Indo Pro is ideal for taller riders (6 feet tall and over) because the larger deck accommodates a wider stance resulting in greater stability. The Indo Pro is also a favorite for users that want to improve their longboard surfing by practicing cross-stepping walking from one end of the deck to the other while keeping their weight and center of balance over the roller.


    Pro Series:

    • Deck size: 42” X 15” deck with non-slip grip coat applied
    • Roller size:  8.5” diameter with 4 strips of Grip Tape
    • Cushion size (if applicable): 24” Gigante’ mouth-inflatable and adjustable
    • Deck construction:  11/16” cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch
    • Available in 3 color options
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