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Pro-Sunburst & Roller

Pro-Sunburst & Roller

₪899.00 מחיר רגיל
₪699.00מחיר מבצע

אינדובורד באורך של 107 ס"מ מושלם לביצוע תעלולים ולסקייטרים , מדמה גלישת גלים וסקייט בלונגבורד .

  • The Indo Pro is ideal for big riders (6 feet tall and over) because this model offers a larger deck (42 x 15), pro roller (8-1/2” diameter) and the IndoFLO Gigante' Cushion (24” diameter) which accommodates a wider stance resulting in greater stability. This model is also great for more advanced strength training movements such as weighted squats and lunges. The larger diameter roller may appear intimidating because the user is higher off the floor than the Original roller. However, it is slower due to the increased weight of the deck and roller. The Indo Pro is also a favorite amongst those users that want to perfect the ability to cross-step and walk from one end of the deck to the other while keeping their weight and center of balance over the roller.  The Indo Pro Training Package is great for fitness, training, rehabilitation and therapy. Demo DVD provided FREE with the purchase of any Indo Board Balance Trainer. The Indo Board Pro is a great traiing tool for core exercises and other accessories like fitness straps, exercise balls and battle ropes. Great for training for Surfing, Snowboarding, Skiing, MMA, Wakeboarding, Teamsports and Crossfit Fitness training. The Indo Board Balance Trainer is used by the US Surf Team, Jay Thompson, Taj Burrow, Evan Geiselman, Courtney Conloque, Bethany Hamilton, Sunny Garcia and sooo many more! Get Indo It!

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